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給親愛的大家.....奧麗薇單純只分享化妝技巧和心情,商品面不再多回答喔 請多見諒 謝謝大家的支持和提問喔! This is my blog. I'm inspired by creative makeup artists like you. You'll find all my art works here. Though this blog will be written in Mandarin mostly, I believe I can use images to transcend national and cultural boundaries. Art of makeup, that's all we love.Show me some luv, XOXO Much Luv, Olively's Backstage

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2014-09-11 (心情彩妝) 翩然起舞樂無窮 (48) (0)
2014-03-03 (心情彩妝) 雖敗猶榮 (457) (0)
2011-01-09 (健康教育) AN APPLE A DAY ,KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY :) (169) (0)
2010-05-10 (分享)American Nomad -Elisheva (956) (1)
2010-04-25 (分享)送給以色列最美的彩妝師 (1543) (0)