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Lakresha Blair的膚質: 皮膚表面有明顯泛油,明顯有泛紅及脫皮現象,兩頰有遺傳性小雀斑 (Dehydrated-缺水型)            

             臉形:鵝蛋臉型(Oval Shaped Face)


            唇部:飽滿雙唇(Plump/Full Lips)


My Olively….First let me express how I am truly blessed to meet this down-to-earth phenomenal woman! Our encounter was indeed a memorable experience. I was at a social gathering that I spontaneously decided to attend. As I was sitting outside the event observing the scene, this Oh-so-lively being walked towards me with a beautiful smile and sat down right beside me, putting her hand in mine and said, “You are so beautiful, who are you?” At that moment, I felt and knew that I was going to be thankful that I met her and she was going to be an influential person in my life and indeed I was right! She invited me with open arms that night to visit her in Taipei. The next week, I was spending time with her family as if I was a member that had returned home from a long journey. I’ve only known Olively for less than a month and I feel as though she has been in my life since “jump”! It is rare that you meet sincere, kind, genuine people as Olively. I will never forget what the Most High, has bestowed upon me in the form of a cheerful, honest, silly, respectable, intelligent, and talented woman…My Olively!



Being a woman of color, I have always felt that it takes another woman of color to know how to work with all the aspects of my skin tone and features. My experiences with wearing make-up have been a few. I have done photo shoots for mediocre hair magazines and photography modeling. With saying that, the makeup artists for the occasions have either been Black or Latina. I was not truly impressed. They were able to put on the make-up professionally, however nothing that made them stand out from the rest.


The first day I met Olively, on a powder room break, I told her I had no make-up on my face. She did not believe me. “How do you glow like that?” All I could do was smile. Being a full-time English teacher, I very seldom put on make-up and living in a very humid country, I almost altogether have stopped wearing make-up. The week I visited her in Taipei it was decided that she was going to do my make-up. I wouldn’t dare turn down this lady but, I do have to admit that I was curious to see how this would turn out. I was not sure if she would be able to fully understand my tone of skin. Of course I was wrong! This woman pulled out shade after shade of colors and created a new foundation/concealer called, “Me.” Never have I seen someone mix and bring together a color that is mine and only my skin color(she has even offered to make my foundation and show me how to apply it for a quick, fresh and simple everyday look).


Phenomenal she is! My skin felt light and smooth as butta’ baby! And that was just the beginning. Olively then began applying funky, exotic, electrifying colors on my eyelids. “This is you, unique and beautiful” she said with a smile. She also applied bronzer that made me not only shimmer, but made me feel as if I was GOLDEN! The lipstick color she decided to use was a mixture of colors that came out to be very settle allowing the eyes to be the focus.


 Indeed this lady knows her art…. Not make-up but ART! She has her very own unique style that is bold, raw and genuine, just like her. I have seen her other work and believe me, she has the capability to perform all different styles, techniques, and knows what best suits your skin and personality.  It was truly an honor to have the opportunity to let my face be a canvas for the Oh-so-Lively…Olively! Much respect luv! -Bless




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