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給親愛的大家.....奧麗薇單純只分享化妝技巧和心情,商品面不再多回答喔 請多見諒 謝謝大家的支持和提問喔! This is my blog. I'm inspired by creative makeup artists like you. You'll find all my art works here. Though this blog will be written in Mandarin mostly, I believe I can use images to transcend national and cultural boundaries. Art of makeup, that's all we love.Show me some luv, XOXO Much Luv, Olively's Backstage


感謝 Victoria的心得分享

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Victoria 的膚質: 皮膚表面缺少水份,皮膚感到緊繃, 眼周處有明顯細紋 (Dehydrated-缺水型)            

             臉形:鵝蛋臉型(Oval Shaped Face)


            唇部:上薄下厚唇型 (Thin upper lip with a fuller lower lip)



I had the honor of meeting Olively on a trip around the world to Taipei from the United States. As a former Beauty Queen, Model, Emcee and Professional, I have worked with many people in the Hair and Make-up Industry. Olively's hospitality was top notch and I've never felt more comfortable with anyone. She talked to me throughout the entire process and told me what she was doing. When figuring out the colors and look for my face, she asked me questions to get to know my personality. Never have I been asked this before. Usually my make-up artists just do what they feel and I end up telling them to change it. I felt more comfortable with Olively than any other Professional Make-Up Artist that has touched my face. (And I've had many!) If I could snatch her up and bring her to the USA for work, I definitely would. We are missing out on one of the most talented young professionals ever. I look forward to working with her again in the near future and was so very blessed to have become not only her model but a friend to her as well while in Taiwan. Xie Xie!!




Thank you so very much




 I am a Barbie Doll <3


 Miss New Mexico Teen USA 1997,  (me) in my Mrs Colorado 2010 competition gown :)



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  • ANN
  • 好久沒再來 又增加了好多文章哦!
    奧麗薇目前還在mac嗎 上次去你幫我挑的眼影很適合
  • 親愛的ANN妳好: 謝謝妳還記得我,要跟你說聲抱歉,目前沒在MAC工作,如果妳需要任何有關彩妝的資訊,我很熱意與您分享~ :D
    keep in touch
    xo xo

    Olively 小松鼠 於 2011/08/30 13:37 回覆

  • 悄悄話
  • 小J
  • Dear Olively,
    其實看你的部落格已經有一段時間了,無意間看見luscious lamentations Taiwanese opera這本相簿,才突然發現原來這就是你的作品!!!當初在雜誌上面看到這個系列的妝容我好喜歡,給我的印象很深刻!我從小的夢想也是當彩妝藝術師,現在正在準備考美容丙級,打算從專櫃開始慢慢實現我的夢想,你的文章是讓我繼續努力的動力喔^^
  • Dear 小j妳好:
    謝謝妳對奧麗薇的支持與鼓勵,同時也祝福你夢想成真囉 :)
    假如要想感動他人,必需先感動自己,否則不論如何傑出的作品,也絕對沒有生命感喔! 加油 :D

    Olively 小松鼠 於 2011/04/23 21:26 回覆