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 LYNN的 膚質:乾性(Dry Skin)

              臉形:鵝蛋臉型(Oval Shaped Face)

              眼型:杏眼(Almond Eye)

       唇型:飽滿雙唇(Plump/Full Lips)



Olively has been a long time friend of mine, I've always support her work of art, and when she started her own blog I was even more excited for her, because all her hard work has paid off. I've had my makeup professional done many times in the past, but I truly trust Olively's defined technique and out-going personality. She investigates her subject well, then penetrates with an unique style. Together, she creats a flawless look on every face she touches. Among all the makeup artist, I have to say she understand my facial structure the best. Some artist that I've work with couldn't perfect the asian eye structure, therefore the final work tend to seem a little clownish at times. But that is no problem for Olively, of course this time was a success as well.

I told her that since I rarely wear full makeup now, I would like her to apply a full makeup on me that represents an alternative and wild personality, and use colors that match one of my favorite dress. And she did exactly so...

With this look, she applied eye makeup before face foundation, partly because the focus is on the eyes, but also because the use of dark color could easily smudge around the face, and she wanted to make sure the finishing look is clean and flawless.

Olively started with charcoal eye liner on the base of the lid as the foundation for shadow, then layer on different shades of blue to create the mysterious smoky cat eye style.

To accompanied the strong eye shadow, she intendedly penciled my eye brows with brown eye shadow, because it gives a more dramatic touch to it. Also she exaggerated the thickness of my brows to match the heavy eye makeup.

Last, she mixed different shades of foundation, some darker tone, the other lighter tone, to defined the structure of my face.

Then to finish the look, she attached faux lashes and used high light powder to high light the cheek bone to make the whole face complete.

Makeup is a magical thing, by mastering the shading, people can easily change their facial structure. More over, I believe makeup is a form of expression and a way to expand creativity. You can simply express your feeling through your choice of color and your choice of style! It is also a form of art that can be appreciated by different age, gender and most importantly cultures. Even though I am not used to this kind of heavy makeup but Olively sure knows how to manage the technique. Once again, presented one of her best work yet. It was a blast working with her!



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